Best in Class Customer Experience

The complexity of dealing with customers, channels, and competitors is only growing. Transforming the customer experience requires a level of speed and precision that traditional approaches can’t meet.
Customer Experience Transformation is a sequential process of continuous improvement and refinement.
  • Define a clear customer-experience aspiration, value proposition and common purpose
  • Develop a deep understanding of what matters to customers to inform journey redesign
  • Use behavioral psychology to manage customer expectations
  • Innovate journeys, including digital and design thinking
  • Use customer journey to empower the front line
  • Define journey metrics and the governance system to continuously improve the journey and inform its redesign
Building a customer journey is generally a linear process based on extensive external and internal research.
State of the art customer journey design adds agiles elements in form of co-operative solution creation and prototyping to the linear approach.
Therefore the development of a best in class customer journey consists of eight steps and includes qualitative as well as quantitative methods. Segmentation and prototyping are the important cornerstones of the approach.
Together with a Pharma Company DDIAM developed and implemented a new integrated customer experience using agile elements within 16 weeks.