Marketing 2025 Is Agile

The Modern Marketing Landscape

  • From targeted campaigns to personalized consumer interactions, leveraging advanced analytics
  • From sales primarily through stores to a mix of online, offline, multichannel, and owned channels
  • From mass advertising campaigns to always-on content publishing
  • From a long-term innovation funnel to rapid test-and-learn, with an emphasis on speed to market
  • From marketing as a cost to marketing as an investment, with measurable ROI
According to Forrester Research (2021) the biggest marketing challenges are customer related.
Increasing customer engagement, education or loyality
Finding new customers
Retaining current customers
Measuring marketing performance across interactions
Integrating online and offline interactions
Understanding the optimal customer journey
Understanding customer behaviour across channels and devices

DDIAM has developed a new approach in digital marketing based on three pillars.

New Approach in Digital Marketing

The challenge is to construct an integrated marketing system, to build the right marketing capabilties managed in an agile way.

Platform based Marketing IT

The IT is organized around a set of modular platforms run by accountable platform or product teams steered by a governance instance.

Integrated Marketing Ecosystem

The integrated marketing ecosystems consists of internal and external elements to be managed and steered based on marketing value.

Agile Ways of Working together

The marketing activities are conducted based on a stable process backbone using a combination of classical and agile project methodologies.

DDIAM helps to establish and manage a fluid ecosystem of internal and external partner to drive growth.

The Operative DDIAM Approach

DDIAM Full Service Marketing Solutions