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Given a Process, System, and Value View on Veeva Vault on one Page

Disguised Project Example conducted in Global Medical Affairs

Our Services related to Veeva Software Solutions

Analysis and Conception

  • Veeva CRM Modules (e.g. CLM, Approved Email, Portal, Medical Information)
  • Vault PromoMats and MedComms

Content and Process Management

  • Document Types and Fields, Workflow and Lifecycles, User Security and Access
  • Medical, Legal and Regulatory Review

Implementation Support and Governance

  • Interface between Business, Medical and IT
  • System Governance Approach and SOP Management


  • Migration Concept
  • Content Preparation and Upload


  • Training Concept Development (e.g. Training Need, Training Approach, Training Journey)
  • Role and Capability based Training (e.g. Brand Manager, Content Manager)
  • Process based Training (e.g. Uploader, Content Owner, MLR)

First Questions related to the Project Opportunity

  1. What Area of the Company is affected? (e.g. Clinical, Medical, Promotional)
  2. Is it a global, regional, or local Project/Initiative?
  3. Is it Part of a wider Initiative? (e.g. Customer Engagement, GTM, Digital Transformation)
  4. What is the starting Position of the Project/Initiative?
  5. What are the Challenges connected with the Project/Initiative?
  6. What are the Objectives to be achieved within the Engagement?